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We have recently completely overhauled our Food Safety Suite on DigiLex.

Linda Jackson, one of our partners and an expert in the field, is responsible for the revamp of the Suite as well as additions of various new categories. We not only have a Food Safety Legal Register (legal and standard requirements), but also Audit Questions so that a client can conduct self-audits very much in the same way as with our other DigiLex Suites.

The South Africa Food Safety Suite legal register contains Legal Obligations and Applicability to Organisation sections which describe how each section (topic) generally applies to the organisation in layman’s terms. A hyperlink to the actual item of legislation is also provided in the Food Safety Suite Library. Also – the requirements of these 4 x Standards are currently included:

ISO 22002-1:2009 // ISO 22000:2005 // SANS 10049:2012 // SANS 10330:2007

The legislation is maintained and updated on a monthly basis, and a monthly update email is sent to all subscribed users of the SA Food Safety Suite.

The SA Food Safety Suite is setup according to each client site’s unique Food Safety requirements based on the sector of the food industry and products handled activities, as well as each client site’s location. This ensures that every client has a site-specific legal register that is relevant to the scope of their operations. The full power of the DigiLex Management System comes into play when our other modules are also used and linked to sections of the Legal Register (Risk Manager, Documents Manager, Audit & Checklist Manager and more).

Some of the items included in our SA Food Safety Legal Register:

Meat safety (Red meat, Poultry, Ostrich)

Milk safety

Marine product safety

Food safety requirements for manufacturers and processors of food stuffs – all types

Restaurant and food service food safety legislation

Codex Alimentarius standards for food

Relevant bylaws

In addition to our new Food Safety Suite on DigiLex, Linda has recently launched a new website with a specific focus on Food Safety (www.foodfocus.co.za). The website contains many articles that you might find interesting. Here are a few:

For a full demonstration of our DigiLex SA Food Safety Suite, or for more information about how we can assist regarding Food Safety requirements, contact us today: 012-362 6500 | llewelyn@greengain.co.za